Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Cutting into any piece of material requires a well-sharpened saw. In case it is dull, the consequence is overheating that may shorten the lifespan of the chainsaw. A kickback is the easiest way to tell whether the chainsaw is dull. Essentially, it veers to the side when you are attempting to cut into a tree.
A chainsaw sharpener (in our eyes the best way to sharpen a chainsaw), is a tool used to facilitate the appropriate maintenance and operation of the chainsaw. Its application is widespread, and this stretches from the large petrol to the small electric chainsaw. It is deployed for the regular maintenance of the chainsaw to ensure sharpness is maintained and the efficiency of the tool does not drop. Such a tool can be an investment of a lifetime because it enables the chainsaw to remain efficient as well as makes it easy to work on any given task. The lifespan of the chainsaw is also prolonged because of the reduction of the possibility of wearing and tearing that is common to all appliances and tools.


Top 3 electric chainsaw sharpeners reviewed

With the hundreds of models online, choosing the right chainsaw sharpener is not that easy. As such, we have searched for the three best models of electric chainsaw sharpeners you can buy according to your needs and reviews from current owners. Manual sharpeners and files are not subject of this article.

So, let’s take a look at the 3 top rated chainsaw sharpeners and their features.

#3 – Roughneck Chainsaw Sharpener

This is one of the best chainsaw sharpeners that is supplied by Northern Tool + Equipment, a company that has been in business for over three decades.

This Roughneck chainsaw sharpener is very durable, and it has an industrial-duty motor with a speed of 3,600 revolutions per minute and a consumption rating of 60Hz/110V. It is easy to view the chainsaw being sharpened by the tool because it has a 15W light that serves as a visibility enhancer.

Safety is also enhanced on this sharpener, given that it may be dangerous to work with such tools. In most cases, the user is exposed to metal particles that may cause blurry vision or blindness if they come into contact with the eyes. In this case, the tool has a protective shield that ensures the user is protected from flying metal pieces.

Control and the ease of operation are also important when choosing the best chainsaw sharpener. As such, this tool has a large handle that makes it easy to control it. On a similar note, it is relatively easy to adjust it to different angles to allow for operation on the workbench. Most importantly, it is easy to choose between the wall-mount and workbench, and this is solely dependent on the type of workspace you have.


#2 Timber Tuff CS-BWM

This is one of the best chainsaw sharpeners in the market given that it is CETL and ETL certified. These are certification bodies in over one hundred countries and with over 100 years of operation as well as over 1,000 networks in these regions that provide services such as accreditation, inspection, and laboratory testing of equipment.

This Timber Tuff electric chainsaw sharpener comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer that lasts for a year, and this should give you a peace of mind when using it. It has three wheels for grinding, and these are a quarter inch, and eight of an inch, and 3/16 inches. There is also a thermo-overload that is there for your safety to ensure that heat being dissipated does not reach you.

Visibility when sharpening has been enhanced with the availability of a 15W working light as well as a safety shield you can see through. It is also relatively easy to use this tool because it comes with an easily readable guide on how to make adjustments. Security in the workstation is also enhanced with its ability to mount on any surface so that its 3,600RPM, 250W, 60Hz, 110V motor does not feel like a threat to your safety.

Concisely, your chains will last longer if you use this tool because it also saves on the chainsaw bar.


#1 – Oregon 511AX

This is the best rated chainsaw sharpener in the market. It is supplied by Mowtownusa, a known supplier of lawn mower parts with over thirty years of service.

This Oregon chainsaw sharpener is the best to use over time because it learns how the wheel wears and gives excellent and accurate grips with its capabilities to adjust at different and equal angles for grinding. It has a template and wheel dressing brick that is best suited for wheel contouring and setting the depth gauge.

It has three wheels used for grinding at a quarter inch, an eighth of an inch, and 3/16 inches. These wheels are suitable for sharpening a broad range of pitch chains that include 0.75″, 0.5″, 0.375″, 0.325″, and 0.25″. The adjustments present on this grinder are unique because they are not easy to find on any entry-level sharpener. At the heart of this tool is a 0.038 HP, 3,400RPM, 285W, 3A, 60Hz, 115V-AC, single phase direct-drive motor.

In a nutshell, this is a tool that does exactly what it advertises, and you should feel free to spend money for a quality tool that will give you excellent results in a short period.


To Sum Up

We have reviewed the three best chainsaw sharpeners in the market that are easy to find on We hope that these reviews will help you pick out one that best suits your situation and specific needs. Just be sure to check out on all the features listed under each to ensure it suits what you need. The pricing is also important because many features imply a higher price tag and better results. On a similar note, a low price tag indicates that a sacrifice has been made regarding features to cater for the reduced cost. The Oregon 511AXLT is easily the most expensive as well as the one you would expect to deliver the best results. If you are a heavy duty user, you will never go wrong with the Oregon 511AXLT.