Walk Behind String Trimmer Reviews

The first time you see a walk behind weed eater, you might be a little confused: these handy gardening tools look like an even mix between a traditional string trimmer and a push-lawn mower. Once you use it, however, you’ll understand why you need one; the walk-behind string trimmer makes easy work of the thickest, most stubborn weeds and grasses in your lawn. They make quick work of cutting on ground that’s too rough for a regular lawn mower, and they’re powerful enough to take on vegetation that a standard string trimmer can’t handle.

So, how do you choose which walk behind string trimmer to buy? The answer is ultimately going to come down to what your specific lawn needs are, but it’s a good idea to take these factors into consideration when you’re making your purchase:


What features should the best walk behind string trimmer have?

  • – The wheels – typically wheeled string trimmers have pretty large wheels, ranging in size anywhere from a foot to 16 inches. The reason for this is simple; the bigger the wheel, the easier the trimmer will be to maneuver on rough terrain. Make sure your trimmer comes with hard plastic wheels, as rubber tires or any type of air-filled wheel could result in a flat as you’re trying to trim your lawn.
  • – The cutting width – on average, the cutting width for walk behind string trimmers is 22 inches, which grants you the ability to cut through a lot of material at once. If you have a big patch of weeds to tackle on a regular basis, you may want to consider looking for a trimmer with a bigger cutting width. If you have tight spaces or lots of corners, you could benefit from a walk behind string trimmer with a significantly smaller cutting range.
  • – The engine – most walk behind string trimmers have a standard, 4-cycle engine. Make sure the string trimmer you’re purchasing is the correct size, otherwise you might run into trouble with your non-standard engine when going for maintenance or repairs.

So which walk-behind string trimmers are the best? While it’s important to research what models are best for your specific needs, these two are our favorite..


Poulan Pro 961720015 190 cc Wheel Trimmer

The Poulan Pro wheeled string trimmer is top rated walk behind string trimmer of 2017. Featuring an adjustable cutting height, the Poulan Pro can be adjusted to trim to anywhere between 1.6 and 3.04 inches. The 22 inch cutting width is the right size for tackling big jobs and large patches of weeds, helping you get your lawn in order in no time.

The Poulan Pro also features high rear wheels to help the machine run more easily, and maneuver better regardless of your yard’s terrain.

This walk behind string trimmer is well loved for a few reasons, including:

  • An easy start up that works the first time, every time; a feature that’s not to be taken for granted in mowers
  •  A tough, braided nylon line that won’t automatically need to be replaced if you accidentally hit a rock or another hard object.
  • An adjustable throttle control that allows you to reduce your rotations per minute as you’re trimming taller weeds, ensuring your machine won’t get entrenched in greenery with too fast a spin.
  • A fully metal body means less likelihood of damage than is found in other models using plastic components.
  •  Replacing and loading the string is made easy with simple guide lines and a measurement for how long the line needs to be cut. Inserting the string into the mower only involves folding the string in half, threading it through the mower head, and firmly pulling it into the clip.

Remington walk behind string trimmer RM1159

The Remington wheeled string trimmer is touted as being one of the easiest to use walk behind string mowers on the market, but don’t let its user-friendliness fool you; this trimmer is fully equipped to handle serious weeds and grass.

Overall a smaller trimmer, the Remington makes it possible for you to get into tight corners and areas that are usually difficult to access, allowing you to do a tight, tidy trim job all around your lawn. This model was designed with a unique shape specifically for trimming around garden hindrances, like gates, fences, bed gardens, and walls. Don’t worry about getting the bigger patches too, however; the machine’s 22 inch cutting diameter means you’ll still have plenty of cutting radius to take on big jobs in no time.

The Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower is fully adjustable into three positions, allowing you to have greater control over the overall look and feel of your lawn. More importantly, the Powermore 159cc 4-Cycle OHV engine means you won’t run into stalling trouble, even with the toughest of weeds.

Brand new, the Remington 22-Inch takes about 10 minutes to set up; all that needs to be done is added in the included engine oil, locking in the handle, and giving the machine a couple of pumps. Otherwise, the engine is known to start up easily on the first pull, which is great to have if you’re trimming your lawn with any regularity. The pull cord on the Remington also has less resistance than you find with other trimmers, making it easy to operate even for those who aren’t bulging with muscles.

With 14” wheels, the Remington 22-Inch has superior maneuverability on rough terrain, and with a width of only about 1” it’s capable of taking tight turns easily as well.


Overall, both of these walk behind string trimmers are great options in the category. While it’s ultimately a personal choice as to which one is better for your needs, we feel that the Remington model will be a strong, long lasting option for your gardening needs. With its metal body and tough nylon line, this trimmer is sure to last you quite a few seasons.

That being said, the Poulan Pro 22-inch is also an excellent choice and comes with its own set of advantages.

Regardless of which walk behind string trimmer you decide to buy, we’re confident you’ll be in good shape. Happy gardening!