Gas Chainsaw Reviews

Choosing gas chainsaw can be intimidating. There are many things to consider when purchasing a gas chainsaw and doing your research before you buy will ensure you buy the chainsaw that is right for you the first time.


What do you need to know

Factors such as bar length, safety features, vibration control and ease of cleaning are all very important, if you are looking for best gas powered chainsaw on the market.  Think about what you will be using your chainsaw primarily for. A longer bar is not necessarily best. Larger saws are harder to control and have a bigger kickback, you need to find a saw that will be the right fit for you and your needs. Vibration control is an important feature if you are going to be using your chainsaw for extended periods, but if not, this feature is an added extra that you don’t need. Ease of cleaning is very important when choosing a chainsaw as a well maintained chainsaw will last longer and is safer to use.


Top 5 Gas Chainsaws

We have chosen 5 most popular gas powered chainsaws from Amazon and are introducing them to you in the below reviews. Enjoy


#5 Hitachi CS33EB 16-Inch 32.2cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Rear-Handle Chainsaw (C.A.R.B Compliant)

This gas powered chainsaw boasts 32.2cc, 1.6 hp commercial-grade motor. It offers the user reliability and high performance cutting. The 16-inch Oregon-bar and chain reduces kickback, making this an ideal chainsaw for men and women to use. It is ideal for cutting firewood and pruning jobs. Safe and comfortable to use, the chainsaw is fitted with an inertia activated chain-break and five point vibration mounts. Excellent power to weight ratio means that you can work for longer without fatiguing.  The chain is kept at prime cutting capacity for longer with the two bar mounting studs, meaning less time wasted readjusting the chain. The side access-chain tensioner helps you to tighten chain easily and quickly. Now with a 25% larger fuel reservoir, you can go longer between jobs without having to fill up. With a seven year consumer warranty you have peace of mind knowing that Hitachi will repair or replace your chainsaw should it breakdown. This chainsaw is great value for money.


#4 XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas Chainsaw Cutting Wood EPA

A larger chainsaw, this 45cc motor has electronic ignition meaning your chainsaw will start the first time every time. The increased power and auto choke provide maximum fuel efficiency, saving you money and time spent on maintenance. A 22-inch bar makes this chainsaw ideal for jobs around the home, or larger jobs. Fitted with a Rapid Mechanical Chain Break Hand-guard and anti-kickback chain your safety is assured.  The engine features a clean air intake system reducing the amount of dust that can enter the motor. This can be easily removed for cleaning. The Eco-boost engine is environmentally friendly and economical as fuel consumption is reduced. With a 22-inch chainsaw you might expect to be carrying a bit of weight around, but it only weighs 26 pounds. This gas chainsaw is good value for money for its size.


#3 Remington RM5118R Rodeo 18-inch 51cc 2-cycle Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This 51cc 2-cycle engine gives you the power to cut through bigger logs with ease. QuickstartTM technology ensures reliable engine starts and no need for pull starts. With professional grade crank case, 18 inch bar and sprocket, this gas chainsaw will help you saw even through chunky logs. The chain will never dry out and cutting will be smooth with the automatic oilier feature.  This Remington gas chainsaw features front and back anti vibration handles, so extended cutting is comfortable for the user. Safety features include an inertia chain break which stops cutting when kickback is sensed, kickback is responsible for approximately 30% of all chainsaw injuries. Large bucking spikes are an additional safety feature. It is indeed a solid multipurpose of saw.


#2 Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3cc 2-Stoke Gas Chainsaw (CARB Compliant)

Next up is the Husqvarna 460 Rancher review. It is equipped with powerful 60cc motor together with X-Torq® feature, which gives users low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, saving you money and helping the environment. This Husqvarna gas chainsaw can master small and large jobs. The automatic, adjustable oil pump means that you can set the lubrication to suit your individual preference. The air injected centrifugal cleaning system is designed to reduce wear and means longer times between cleans, freeing up your time for other things. A combined choke/stop control stops the engine from flooding saving money on repairs.

LowVib® anti vibration dampeners and an ergonomic design ensure Rancher 460 is safe and comfortable to use for long periods. The front handle reduces hand fatigue to enable extended use. A side mounted tensioner means adjusting the chain is easy. An adjustable oil pump helps you can control oil flow depending on the weather conditions. Husqvarna is known for their quality. They are a little more expensive, but high in quality and built to last.


#1 Poulan Pro PP5020AV  20-Inch 50cc 2-Stroke Chainsaw With Carrying Case

This Poulan gas chainsaw is medium duty chainsaw that features a 50 cc, 2-cycle engine and 20-inch bar and is ideal for cutting firewood or garden maintenance. The professional style chain has more cutters thereby getting the done job faster. This gas chainsaw features Effortless Pull StartingTM for easy starts. Designed for low maintenance, the SupercleanTM air filter system keeps air filters clean for longer and reduces fuel consumption, saving you time and money. The DuralifeTM Chromium Plated Cylinder provides protection for the engine extending the life of your chainsaw.Safety features include anti vibration handles and an inertia chain break system. Cleaning your chainsaw is easy with tool-less access to the spark plug and air filter. The chainsaw also has a compartment for carrying your scretch. Featuring automatic oiling, chainsaw maintenance is made easy. Poulan is owned by Husqvarna and some of the components are found in Husqvarna chainsaws for half the price. This is a great quality for a low price.


Closing words

Whether it’s chopping firewood and pruning, or larger jobs, there is a gas chainsaw here to suit your needs. From 16 inch to 22 inch bars, these chainsaws all have excellent safety features, with low vibration and inertia chain break systems.   In addition to safety, saving time and money are important considerations when purchasing a gas chainsaw. Choosing a chainsaw that meets all of these requirements can be time consuming. Poulan Pro is in our opinion the best gas chainsaw on the market today. These five gas chainsaws represent an excellent range in price and size and are all available for purchase on Amazon.