Best Gas Trimmer

Gas powered weed trimmer has made maintaining our lawn neater and niftier since the 70’s. These are the perfect finishing touches of smoothening your garden’s perimeter after your lawnmower finished its job. Throughout the years, people found ways on how to improve the very first product done. Different types are produced to suit our needs. There are electric, rechargeable battery-operated and gasoline-powered. Sneak a peek on why your home, office or institution should have at least one grass trimmer.

What makes purchasing grass trimmers worth it?


Want weeds out of the way in your mum’s garden? How about out of your neighbour’s garden? Out of your parking lot in your workplace? You can just bring your grass trimmer anywhere due to its lighter weight and thinner body. Who needs to bring a lawnmower when you can bring your grass trimmer?

Reaches Nooks and Crannies

If you are maintaining your landscaping designs, weedeaters help you get rid of the unwanted grass without accidentally cutting your precious flowers. Reach the corners of your lawn which are unreachable to your traditional lawnmowers. Cut plants with thicker stems which are also hard to accomplish with what you previously use.

Easy to Use

Is it your first time to trim grass with this kind of machine? Worry not! If you are a fully-functioning human being, with one look at its manual, you’re good to go. All you need to do is to master how to stand up while holding it and avoid its cutting head from reaching your body to avoid injuries.


Each model has a wide range of prices but you will get what you pay for. For lots of years which you will spend with the one you bought, your money wasn’t out to waste. If you want a product with better features, adding in a little bit of cash will result in your satisfaction guaranteed.


Now that you know what you’re getting into, here are the 5 gas string trimmer reviews we’ve researched on. The gas powered string trimmers we’ve compiled garnered lots of positive reviews from previous consumers.


#5 Weedeater W25SBK

The Weedeater W25SBK straight shaft gas trimmer is the lightest product which we’ll feature. With a weight of only 10 pounds, this Weedeater string trimmer is a good choice if you want a lighter grass trimmer. It even has a wide cutting width of 16 inches. It is easier to start up compared to other models of the same brand. With a maximum pulls of 5, you are ready to cut some grass off. This machine boasts a 25 cc 2-cycle engine which means it can also hold 2.5 litres of gas to power it up. This Hitachi string trimmer has a powerful engine due to its large displacement which will result in bigger explosion per cylinder stroke. It also has a Simple 2 Start technology. Its engine runs smoothly and very silently.


#4 Husqvarna 128LD

For more additional features, check out this Husqvarna weed trimmer. It hosts a more powerful engine. It runs on a 28 cc engine and can handle 2.8 litres of oil and gasoline. Due to this, it is slightly heavier with weight of 11 pounds. It has 17 inches cutting width and also has a detachable string trimmer. You can also use different types of attachments which are compatible with this model. The 128LD starts easily as it is supported by a Smart Start recoil system and fuel pump. This gas trimmer’s line doesn’t eat up quickly compared to the others and is easier to replace and install. To offer more comfort, it has straight shaft and an adjustable handle.


#3 Hitachi CG22EAP2SL

Not satisfied with the features offered by the previous models? Take a look at this powerful Hitachi gas trimmer. Although equipped only with a 21.1 cc, do not underestimate it because it has a remarkable PureFire two-stroke engine where technology did its best by not compromising its emission levels. Cutting grass which is thicker and taller than the usual is no problem for this outstanding gas trimmer. Providing comfort to its customers seems to be well put into consideration by its manufacturers. They made this trimmer’s shaft length with 60 inches long, lessening the probability of the users to bow down a little when using it. For less fatigue, they even installed an anti-vibration system to prolong your trimming sessions. This has a Walbro carburettor with purge bulb which ensures that this will easily start up with just a few tries.


#2 Tanaka TCG27EBSP

Products from Japan, such as the previous one, seem to be trustworthy when it comes to machines and technological innovations. If you want an excellent trimmer emitting a large amount of power, this Tanaka weed trimmer may satisfy your criteria. Proudly featuring a 26.99cc engine, it only weighs 11.2 pounds despite the power it’s yielding. It is light for its kind because of an aluminium clutch housing. To cut a larger area of grass, its shaft is 70.1 inches long. This defends itself for having called a commercial grade string trimmer. Professional landscapers can trust this machine for serving them for a long period of time. For more ease of usage, the manufacturers lined its shaft for lessening vibration. For maximum comfort and longer operation, its front and rear handles are padded. It is also attachment capable. Replacing its strings is even easier than other models. Where else can you find something so powerful, yet so light and easy to use? Paying a few more dollars for this is totally worth the spending.


#1 Husqvarna 128DJX

This Husqvarna trimmer 128djx is for us the best gas string trimmer that you could buy today (based on its specifications, positive customer reviews, and performance). A lot of consumers loved this powerful beast due to its exceptional 28cc 2-stroke engine. Despite this quality, it only weighs 10.8 pounds, which makes it the best choice for having a powerful yet easy to operate gas trimmer! It even has an E-Tech to which reduces emissions and would be less hazardous to your health and to our environment. The length of its trimmer is 17 inches. For easier starting, it features a Smart Start recoil system. If you have trouble starting up this machine, the manufacturers put an auto return stop switch for easy starting. For better control and estimation on where to cut, this comes with a harness. A metal blade and semi-automatic trimmer head also make up this beast.


In Summary

By reading this, we hope that we have helped you in deciding which gas trimmer to buy. As you read, there are a lot of qualities for each and the prices are also wide-ranged. Buy what you think is most suitable for your usage and say goodbye to unwanted weeds in no time!