Best Electric Chainsaw

While it seems like a tall order, finding the best electric chainsaw on the market may not be as complicated as you think. It is not as diverse as its gas counterpart, particularly when it comes to size variations. Also referred to as a ‘corded chainsaw’ because of the need for an extension cord, it is quite different than the battery-powered chainsaws available.

Corded chainsaw features

Corded chainsaws come with a distinct list of pros and cons, and learning the criteria to make the right choice is actually pretty simple and straightforward. So how do you know whether you’re making an informed decision? First, be sure to determine your power requirement. Your electric chainsaw should be able to handle light-to-medium pruning or trimming, even cutting up logs for firewood. You may also want to consider the impact of your usage on your neighbors. The electric chainsaw is the tool of choice for your trimming needs due to the absence of noise when using. It is cheap, small and easy-to-use. If you’re in search of the best electric chainsaw right now, then the following should sit high in your list.

 #5 Remington RM1425

Electric Chainsaw with a compact and lightweight design, this limb and trim 8-amp 14 inch electric chainsaw has easy-to-use features for your everyday trimming. It has a low kickback bar and lower voltage compared to the other products on the market for increased productivity. This Remington electric chainsaw comes fully assembled for a smooth and efficient start for you. It has the lowest price in comparison to the other tools with a built-in function for external chain adjuster for easy tension.


#4 Worx WG303-1

If you are looking for a tool with chain brake, automatic oiling and auto-tension, then this is the chainsaw for you. Its price is mid-range compared to the other electric chainsaws in the list. Performance wise, with its 14.5 amp, it delivers excellent results quite similar with gas chainsaws. The patented auto-tension chain system restrict over-tightening and stays at the right tension for all kinds of applications. This Worx electric chainsaw has supplemental safety features like low kickback bar and built-in chain brake, built-in reservoir with a level indicator as well as an automatic oil lubrication. Worx includes a three-year manufacturer’s warranty for the buyer.


# 3 Makita UC4030A

Commercial-Grade A one-touch tool-less blade with chain adjustments for ease of maneuver is just perfect for your cutting needs. Though this is the most pricey of the bunch, this Makita 16 inch electric chainsaw is designed for comfort through its rubberized grip handle and ergonomic pattern. Performance of this Makita electric chainsaw is at par with the WG303.1. It offers 14.5 amp and large trigger switch, smoother start-ups and built-in current limiter that protects the motor from burnout. It also reduces power to motor when the chainsaw is overloaded. For continuous heavy cutting, it has automatic chain oiler and electric chain brake for maximum productivity. For the user’s safety, it has double insulation protection. Included in the package are 16-inch chain, 16-inch guide bar, and a chain cover.


#2 Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw

This 18 inch electric chainsaw is best suited for your limb, logs, and firewood needs. With a competent 14-amp power, it can perform tough and hardy cutting demands. It is also quite comfortable to use as it is ergonomically designed with a lightweight handle for the user’s relief. It also has automatic chain oiler with self-lubricating Oregon bar. Compared to the other products reviewed, it is a little substantial in size with 18-inch saw. It is more expensive than the Remington RM1425 but considerably cheaper than the Makita UC4030A and Worx WG303.1.


 #1 Oregon CS1500 Electric Chain Saw

We consider this Oregon electric chainsaw to be the best corded electric chainsaw on the market today – with its self-sharpening feature, high power motor and integrated chain brake for user’s protection. Its 15-amp 18-inch reduced kickback chain and guide bar facilitate fast cutting performance. It has a innovative chain tensioning system along with state-of-the-art PowerSharp chain sharpening system. Designed for comfort with ergonomic, lightweight, balanced and with low vibration over-mold handle. It is a low maintenance electric chainsaw with 2-year consumer and 1-year professional warranty. It is more expensive than Worx WG303.1, Remington RM1425 and Sun Joe SWJ701E but cheaper than the Makita UC4030A.


 Summing It Up

Comparing performance, comfort features, ergonomic designs and price, you should be able to choose the best electric chainsaw for your trimming, pruning, and firewood needs. The unique features of the electric chainsaw make it the best option for a wide range of uses. Find the perfect balance between its weight without compromising the stability of the machine or its performance. Test the cutting speed. See for yourself how easy it is to use and don’t forget about the safety features of the equipment. Doing your research will help you get the most bang for your buck.