Best Electric Weed Trimmer

Looking at the greener side of things might just make you feel a tad better. Yes, this is with regards to the grasses in your yard. It adds fuel to your day seeing the greenery in your front yard trimmed, mowed and whittled down. How you do it as efficiently as you can with all the available products in the market might be overwhelming. String trimmer. Weed Eater. Weed Whacker. Line Trimmer. These are just a few of its various names depending on which part of the planet you live in. A weed trimmer is usually used after working on your lawn mower. Maintaining and providing the last step in enjoying a peaceful afternoon in your front yard looking at the greeneries. Using a corded weed trimmer definitely eases your burden and adequately whisks away grass surrounding your trees and flower beds. It can also tidy uneven fringes along driveways and spruce up patches of lawn your ordinary mower cannot reach.

Read more to learn what products are the best electric weed trimmer for your whittling needs. It can be tricky purchasing an item in the market where different product features and various brands blur your mind. It can be an arduous task for you to find the best electric string trimmer for you needs. A deeper glimpse to their performance, ease of use, price, and safety features are available for you. Below are all electric trimmer reviews you will need.


#3 Black And Decker GH900

The 6.5 amp motor of this Black & Decker electric trimmer provides high torque transmission for an efficient performance. The hydraulic device is of top quality giving it a smooth and calibrated length of shafting. It has automatic feed system that ensures uninterrupted work without frequent bumps and pauses. The power drive transmission of the unit prevents bogging down. It is lightweight, versatile and designed for comfort with adjustable height and pivoting handle. The head adjusts for edging, trimming and whittling down grasses in your lawn. The 12-inch cutting path gets the job done without exerting too much effort on your end. It weighs 7.04 pounds heavier than the Toro 51480. You can easily rotate the handle when you want to use it to trim weeds or overgrowth or change it to edging mode. The equipment’s wheel can be easily manoeuvred along sidewalk or driveway while trimming. Its price is mid-range comparing it to the other electric weed trimmers giving you a nice value for its price point. It is cheaper than the Toro 51480 but more expensive than the Greenworks 21212. It also comes with a two-year warranty, within the industry standard.


 #2 Toro 51480

This Toro electric trimmer  has power and durability to perform efficiently in your yard care. It comes with a dynamic 5 amp motor easily cutting through chunky grass and weeds. The single speed trigger offers comfort and the machine starts without bumps and grinds as you start your trimming. It also offers telescoping shaft and adjustable assist handle to provide you with extended reach. It has extra wide 14-inch dual line cutting heads for efficient trimming and an auto feed trim line. You can switch from trimmer to an edger in seconds with its one-step walk-behind edging. The built-in wheel added ease of use to the buyer. The corded string trimmer requires little maintenance and does not need dealing with fuels or batteries. It is slightly heavier on the front end with its weight of 6.3 pounds, a little lighter than the Black and Decker GH900, though. It is a little pricey compared to the Black and Decker GH900 and GreenWorks 21212. Product warranty is for two years, at par with industry standard.


#1   GreenWorks 21212

We believe that the GreenWorks 21212 is the best electric weed trimmer in this review. It gives value for your money with a cheaper price compared to the Black and Decker GH900 and Toro 51480. It is lightweight with only 5.2 pounds perfect for an ease of yard trimming for you. It is a 13-inch electric string trimmer giving a powerful performance with its 4 amp motor. It cuts through thick grass and weeds without any difficulty. The telescopic shaft length can be adjusted to fit your height. However, its length is a bit short for people over 6’4″. Aside from that, one can find an ease in trimming without any back discomfort due to the length of the handle. This Greenworks electric trimmer has automatic string feed system transforming from trimming to edging easily, simply by rotating the shaft and tightening it. The trimmer can be fairly basic though customization is available for you. Your trimming requirement is supplied with ease in using the equipment. Its weight is evenly distributed for ease of use. Although no side wheel to support the trimmer, you can prevent the string from hitting the ground by simply flipping down its metal guard. If quality is one of your deciding factors, this corded weed trimmer comes with a four-year warranty. More than two years in the industry standard and longer than the Black and Decker GH900 and Toro 51480 guarantee. We were looking at the 4 amp, 12 inch cutting path version of this GreenWorks trimmer, but there are 2 more powerful versions available, to accommodate all your trimming needs. 5.5 amp, 15 inch cutting path and edging wheel and very powerful 10 amp with 18 inch cutting path.


To Sum Up

Choosing corded electric string trimmer instead of its gas-powered counterpart helps in giving a positive impact on the environment. It is easy to handle, less expensive and with less noise helping you foster a good relationship with your neighbors. The best electric weed trimmers above are the top recommendations for you. A good balance between the price, cutting performance, ease of use, weight and ergonomic design will ultimately be decided by you. Another good criteria for you to consider is the measure of your yard and the type of terrain in your area. Do not hesitate to find more information about these units. Check its cutting speed. You may also opt to find other data available online or personal references from acquaintances helping you find the right fit for you.