Electric Pole Saw Reviews

Trimming branches away from power lines looks incredibly simple when the electric company rolls through the neighborhood with a bucket truck, a crew of ten, and an arsenal of chainsaws. For the average homeowner, though, tackling high branches can quickly become a hazard without the right tools for the job. If you were about to reach those pesky oak tree branch banging against your roof line with your rickety ladder and a hand saw, you’re in luck. It doesn’t have to be so hard, so unsafe, or so time-consuming. In fact, you can keep your feet solidly placed on terra firma while you expertly maneuver a pole saw and be done in time to salvage your Saturday morning basking in your newly-sunny hammock. But with a range of features and benefits and a variety of price tags to match, which one is the best saw to add to your tool shed?


Electric Pole Saw Features

We compared features on five of the best electric pole saws to help you choose. With pole lengths that range from eight to ten feet, bar lengths that vary from six to ten inches, saws weighing in between a lightweight seven pounds and a whopping fourteen pounds, and motor power that ranges from five to eight amps, it’s easy to match the appropriate pole saw to your application.


#5 Earthwise PS40008 electric pole chain saw

Unlike most others we tested, the three-position head on the Earthwise saw allows a push-button adjustment between 0 and 30 degrees. Paired with an adjustable handle, this Earthwise pole saw was one of the most configurable saws that we used. The long reach of the more than ten-foot telescoping pole was among the longest in our trial. Weighing in at only ten pounds, we expected this pole saw to be lightweight and easier to maneuver. However, the location of the motor made for a heavy feel and a clunky, top-heavy awkwardness. At the middle of the range for bar size, the Earthwise boasts an eight-inch bar which requires a specialized tool for tension adjustment. The six amp motor, one of the least powerful among the pole saws we tested, seems a bit sluggish and not meant for heavier duty use.


#4 Worx Jawsaw WG308 electric pole saw with Extension Handle

This tiny saw packs a pretty powerful punch and definitely rates highest in cool factor so far. Unlike the previous two saws we tested, the WORX JAWSAW does not have the typical straight-line bar. Instead, the six-inch chain saw blade is part of a jaw-shaped mechanism. While the design makes it incredibly easy to use and maneuver, an obvious drawback is the four-inch diameter limb capacity. This was also one of the heavier saws we tried, weighing in at just under twelve pounds. We liked having the ability to trim higher limbs, though and were able to reach up to twelve feet. At five amps, the JawSaw had the least powerful of all of the motors in our tests. If you need an incredibly maneuverable electric pole saw for small diameter limbs, this Worx electric pole saw will be a good choice.


#3 WORX WG309 electric pole saw

This dual-function saw features an eight-foot extension pole for use trimming high branches. For times when you don’t need to operate your new saw above your head, the extension pole is detachable, leaving a lightweight chainsaw for on-the-ground brush cutting. The ten-inch blade was one of the longest bars that we tested, letting it power through all of the medium-sized branches that a suburban homeowner could trim. At only ten pounds, the WORX was lightweight enough to work for hours overhead with minimal sore muscles the following day. The eight amp motor was among the highest rated that we tested for power, making it a versatile tool for both pruning and light-duty brush and yard work. We noted that it was easy to assemble and to switch between functions, making it a great choice for people of all sizes and strengths.


#2 Sun Joe SWJ800E telescoping electric pole chain saw

We love the automatic chain lubrication system for easy maintenance. Sun Joe’s telescoping pole reached an impressive 8.7 ft, allowing our tester to reach nearly fifteen feet into the air. We were totally impressed with the hand weight on this saw, which, a mere seven pounds, was only half of some of its competition. Powered by a robust six and a half amp motor, the manufacturer advertises a seven and a half diameter limb capacity -nearly twice the capacity of the JawSaw! The Sun Joe electric pole chain saw boasts an eight-inch self-oiling bar and is covered by an extensive two-year manufacturer warranty.


#1 Remington RM1025SPS Ranger electric chainsaw/pole saw combo

This remington pole saw was the easiest one we used, transitioning quickly from downing high limbs to cutting them into manageable firewood-sized kindling. Featuring specially-designed flip and lock clamps, the extension pole on the Remington allowed for quick, one-handed securing that can be quickly released for conversion into an electric chainsaw without using any additional tools. The extension length was one of the longest we found, reaching the fifteen-foot limbs with ease. The strong eight-amp motor started up without any hesitation and the ten-inch blade was more than adequate for the trimming and pruning we required of it. The Remington was a bit heftier than its competitors, but the eleven pounds can certainly be attributed to the larger motor and did not impede its use in any of our tests.


In summary

Pole saws are an incredibly versatile tool that should be in the shed of every American homeowner. Trimming, lopping, and pruning can be done quickly and safely since, in addition to providing a safe alternative to the perilous ladder-and-saw combo that is the default option for high branches, the time saved by using pole chain saw makes it an obvious choice. We introduced you, what are in our opinion, 5 of the best electric pole saws on the market today, the hardest part now is choosing the best combination of features for you. Decide what is more important–pole length, weight, power, or saw blade size. From there, you just have to plug one of these five saws into a regular 110 plug and get trimming! In our opinion the best one of the lot is the Remington electric pole saw on spot #1.